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Ethics and Trade Compliance


Unimos Observes the Moral Compliance Red Line:
One Avoidance: avoid interest conflicts and timely disclosure
Two Forbiddance: ban offering or taking bribes and following the business reception regulation; prohibit Illegal and unfair competition and create fair trading market environment
Three Obedience: comply with intellectual property protection policies; comply with confidential information security requirements; comply with import and export trade control requests.
In terms of interest conflict, employees shall refrain from any actions that may cause an interest conflict between themselves and the Company, and shall not use their position or the Company's assets、information for personal gain including friends, relatives or other people.
In terms of bribery and business reception, any form of bribery is not allowed, and the acceptance is limited to perishables such as foodstuffs and gifts no more than 300 RMB; in principle, valuables are forbidden, but if souvenirs do need to be given due to business hospitality activities, the value of gifts given by each recipient cannot exceed 500 RMB.
In terms of intellectual property, respect and protect intellectual property, technology、production experience and other actions and internal procedures related to the occurrence, acquisition and transfer of intellectual property, while encourage colleagues to protect the Company by proposing innovative ideas as patents.
In terms of fair competition, abide by the Anti-Unfair Competition Law and other regulations. Oppose any market monopoly, any employee takes advantage of improper trading methods to obtain improper benefits, any special preferential circumstances when dealing with related parties. And select qualified suppliers and contractors in strict accordance with the competitive bidding process.
In terms of confidential information security, the Company committed to respecting and protecting the trade secret and privacy rights of employees, potential employees, officers, contractors, temporary workers, customers and other business partners in accordance with worldwide laws and privacy principles, and to protecting all personal data and confidential information collected by the Company for legitimate business purposes.
In terms of trade compliance, the Company is committed to observing the U.S. Export Administration Regulations ("EAR") and other appropriate third country export regulations and to continuing to comply with the export licenses; all employees comply with U.S. trade policies and regulations, all applicable import and export regulations related to the People's Republic of China ("PRC"), and other relevant regulations of the places where the Company has business.
We encourage employees to intercept, report and resist all kinds of behaviors that endanger the Company's assets and reputation actively, and also welcome social supervision by people from all walks of life. And any suspicious incidents can be reported and supervised through the following ways:
Compliance Hotline: +862169210668-8800