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Unimos Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“UNIMOS”) established in 2002, located at No. 9688 Songze Avenue, Qingpu Industrial Park, Shanghai, affiliated to Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. (“YMTC”). Unimos has excellent technical teams, advanced production technologies and perfect quality systems which provide varieties semiconductor assembly and test services. Unimos has automobile quality system, more than ten years assembly and test experience in automobile products and complete reliability and failure analysis experimental capabilities. Unimos provides fully solutions for memory assembly and test, including 3D NAND (Raw NAND, eMMC, UFS, eMCP), 2D NAND, NOR, DRAM, SRAM. Adhering to the corporate mission statement of innovation and development, focusing on quality services, creating customer value, and fulfilling social responsibilities, Unimos continuously innovates more assembly and test solutions.
 岗位名称  岗位类别  工作地点  招聘人数  发布时间
 环安高级工程师  高级工程师  上海  1  2024-06-18
 SQE供应商质量工程师  工程师  上海  1  2024-06-18
 封装设备高级工程师  高级工程师  上海  1  2024-06-18
 CQE客户质量高级工程师  高级工程师  上海  1  2024-06-18
 测试开发主任工程师  主任工程师  上海  2  2024-06-18
 项目管理高级工程师PM  高级工程师  上海  1  2024-06-18
 封装后道工艺主管(EOL)  主管  上海  1  2024-06-18
 测试产品工程师  工程师  上海  1  2024-06-18
 客户高级工程师CE  高级工程师  上海  1  2024-06-18
 电仿真研发主任工程师  主任工程师  上海  1  2024-06-18
 厂务电气主任工程师  主任工程师  上海  1  2024-06-18
 设备工程师  工程师  上海  1  2024-06-18
 制程高级工程师  高级工程师  上海  1  2024-06-18
 新产品导入高级工程师  高级工程师  上海  1  2024-06-18
 CIM主任工程师  主任工程师  上海  1  2024-06-18
 高级税务管理师  高级管理师  上海  1  2024-06-18
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