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Quality Certification

Quality certification

Quality certification

Quality Policy

Product Quality: Meet Customer Requirement;

Product Cost: Have a Competitive Cost;

Product Delivery: On Time Delivery.

Environmental Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Fostering environmental occupational health and safety culture, enhancing every employee’s awareness and accountability for that;

Compliance with laws and regulations, fulfillment of corporate social responsibility and commitment for environmental occupational health and safety;

Prevention first, Controlling and reducing the risk of safety accidents and environmental pollution accidents;

Strengthen communication , respond to internal and external related parties‘ views and requirements;

Continuous improvement, promoting energy conservation & emission reduction and improving Environmental Safety Performance.


Hazardous Substance Process Management Policy

Complying with the hazardous substances related laws, regulations and customer requirement.

Establish and improvement hazardous substances management system.

Provide the products which meet hazardous substances requirement.

Promote hazardous substances consciousness for UNIMOS employees.


Information Safety Management System Policy

All staff participation, and clarify responsibilities;

Improve the system, and strengthen consciousness;

Prevention first, and quick response;

Risk control, and continuous improvement.


Energy Management System Policy

Save energy and reduce cost;

Improve work efficiency;

Contribute to society;

Continuous improvement.